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We design business simulations to your needs.

Online, Blended Learning, Offline * From half a day to intense 3 day workshops

IG2 Innovation Management Simulation - Innovationsplanspiel

Idea generation for Idea generating - the innovation simulation to fully implement innovation management for your new services, products, names etc.

BIZision & BIZ Light

0,5 - 2 Day Simulation for Team leaders, to get to know how to impact business results


Strategy Simulation - 2-3 days for managers to create value for your company and to generate and check new strategies.

ONLINE Business Simulation

Online Version of BIZilliance from 1 week to 1 year - for the whole organization. Start your Company Challenge!


3 different Simulations

0,5 - 2 day simulation: IG2 Innovation Simulation

0,5 - 2 day simulation: BIZision

2 - 3 day simulation: BIZilliance

Innovation Simulation





Blended Learning & Offline

ONLINE Business Simulation



the simulationcompany was built in 1993. Back then we started with board based business simulations.

  • 1993-1998

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We started our operations in Arnsdorf, a small village near Salzburg. Quite famous for Franz Xaver Gruber who composed "Silent night, holy night".

  • 1998-2002

    A Consultancy is born

    1998 we founded the JAKOB Management Training & Consulting GMBH. We internationalised our company and our company size grew up to 10 trainers.

  • 2002-2015

    Our new headquarter in Castle Pfaffstätt.

    We designed dozens of different simulations and specialized on strategy simulation for several industries. Meanwhile my family company grew to 4 children!

  • 2016-

    Phase Two Expansion - ONLINE

    BIZilliance is launched - a complex simulation focussing on strategy & execution & business performance. In 2017 we will have finished the online version for BIZilliance.

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Our Amazing Team

Facilitators of business simulations

Aaron Jakob

Managing Director

Sarah Jakob



Lead Trainer

Patrick Peindl


Barbara Jakob

Malort & Administration

Uwe Gutwirth

Online Programmer

We can run your business simulations in english and german.

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